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September 14, 201803:44 PM
Timeline Photos We understand the desire to “be in the moment!” but given the number of injuries and casualties due to this practice, we work with clients dealing with the after-effects of impact-related incidents. The outcome of such trying experiences can be ...
September 11, 201801:05 PM
Remembering 911 Our thoughts and prayers on this day of remembrance...
September 5, 201801:18 AM
Timeline Photos COLLEGE Student: Age 26
Profession: Software Analyst
Debt: Student Loan
Amount: $250K

“What I didn’t realize is that there are people who owe $25,000 over the first 10 years of their professional life, which is pretty manageable, and then people ...
September 2, 201809:57 AM
Happy Labor Day from all of us! We at Stirparo Law, wish you and yours a very healthy and happy Labor Day!
August 29, 201806:00 AM
Timeline Photos The impact of a car accident is far reaching into the lives of many. Jessica was one of those who was deeply affected by the loss of her close friend. She knew that her friends family had an attorney that ...
August 27, 201806:29 AM
Timeline Photos Some Common Questions Asked: When In an Accident

When you are involved in an accident, often times traumatized or emotionally impacted, you are bound to have questions. We understand that completely. It is also important to have someone who can ...
August 23, 201806:30 AM
Timeline Photos Texting and Driving

Smart phones have changed the way we communicate today. The convenience and real-time access has us thinking that it's really not a big deal to look down at the phone for a few short seconds. But highway ...
August 22, 201810:06 PM
5 Things to Consider Before Filing Bankruptcy
Steven J. Stirparo published a note.
August 16, 201801:09 AM
Timeline Photos Aren't' you glad you live in a country where second chances are provided especially when facing bankruptcy or financial hardship of some sort?
#secondchance #tryagain #itsokay #debtrelief #stirparolaw #bankruptcy #startover #legalhelp #delawareattorney #freshstart #newbeginning
August 16, 201812:54 AM
Timeline Photos When life hits hard and the unexpected or the unexplainable marks your day, sometimes you just have to look up. Hope can come in ways you never imagined. We love being a part of people’s hope story. Renewed confidence gets ...
August 15, 201805:43 PM
Timeline Photos Is Chapter 13 Right For Me?

Here are a handful of reasons filing Chapter 13 bankruptcy might be your best option.

If you can say:

I can pay off my debts, but I need help restructuring my payments.
I want ...
August 7, 201812:54 AM
Frozen by the Fear of Wrong Decisions Sometimes we have to make hard decisions and get stuck. Dwight Bain, a Life Coach and Counselor says "you always have options." This article is a great directive with some thought-provoking considerations. Run these ideas by Mr. Stirparo, get his ...
August 1, 201805:21 PM
If you have been involved in a car accident and were injured, call for help. We what to do.
#caraccident #personalinjuryattorney #getlegalhelp #stirparolaw #wecare
July 31, 201804:21 PM
Timeline Photos If you are facing impending financial upheaval, sometimes just looking at the situation square in the face and recognizing that you need help is the strongest choice. Getting assistance or rerouting can be the best thing for you in the ...
July 24, 201806:50 PM
Timeline Photos Why Should You Hire a Personal Injury Lawyer?
by John Bales
If you have been involved in a car crash that has resulted in a personal injury or any type of monetary loss, you should hire a personal injury lawyer. ...
July 16, 201801:47 PM
What Makes a Personal Injury Case?
Steven J. Stirparo published a note.
July 16, 201801:16 PM
Impact of Personal Injury The impact of personal injury goes beyond yourself often times. Others are affected in profound ways. Hope and trust moving forward is needed.
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July 16, 201812:59 PM
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July 11, 201811:35 PM
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February 14, 201710:30 AM
Are you considering filing bankruptcy? If you are, call our office today for an absolutely free one-hour initial consultation to discuss your options! You will leave feeling much better and with a better understanding of the process and your options. ...
February 13, 201711:48 PM
February 13, 201711:45 PM
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February 13, 201711:31 PM
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The Law Office of Steven J. Stirparo serves the New Castle, Kent, and Sussex County communities of Delaware with expert legal services. With over 25 years of happy clients, look to Stirparo Law for help with bankruptcy and personal injury cases. We give you the individual attention you need and deserve. Contact us for your free one-hour consultation at our office, where you can see our legal expertise and personal touch firsthand. We guide clients through each step of the legal process with the highest level of respect as we fight hard for your legal rights.
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